Review Policy

REVIEW POLICY UPDATE:  At this time I am only accepting books from major publishers and their authors, and larger independent houses.  No self-published writing will be reviewed at this time.  I apologize for the limitation but time constraints, family health issues, and the number of submissions I have received in recent months have made this policy change necessary.  To the extent that I am able to loosen these restrictions in the future, I will notify everyone here.  In the meantime, please see the remainder of my policy below.  Thank you for your understanding.

I am always interested in receiving books from publishers and authors for review.  I read and review literary fiction, biographies, memoirs, history, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, general nonfiction, mystery and thrillers, and travel writing.  Please no romance of any kind, including paranormal romance.

It is my goal with each book to read and review within three months of receipt; however I will not review any book I am unable to complete.  Please note that I will not finish a book if it contains graphic sexual content, excessive grammatical or writing errors, or just plain, poor sophomoric writing.  I also reserve the right, as all readers do, to put down a book if it just doesn’t hold my interest.  Fair enough?

With that said, I promise to view all books from a level playing field, given that I expect good, solid writing, equal to what can be found coming out of the major publishing houses.  I post fair, honest, but also blunt, reviews so keep that in mind when submitting your work.

If you are a publisher or author who would like your book to be considered for review, please fill out the form below: