The Mathews Men: Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler’s U-Boats

An absorbing non-fiction work based on a subject that, I daresay, is unfamiliar to most of us – the role of the Merchant Marine in World War II.  From unarmed vessels, these heroes supplied our troops throughout the war and saved Britain’s bacon by supplying them before we ever joined the fight.  All the sacrifice, none of the honor.  Who knew?  The seven Mathews sons serving as merchant seamen during the war personalize the story.  If this sounds iffy for your taste, just trust me.  Deserves to be told, deserves to be read.

Full Disclosure: A review copy of this book was provided to me by PENGUIN GROUP Viking / Viking via NetGalley.  I would like to thank the publisher and the author for providing me this opportunity.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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